On self-serve in retail.

All in thename od saving money.

It (self-serve) did not “spread” on its own. It was spread as a strategy to exact free labor from people, provide cheap goods and subject the populace to surveilance. It seems sort of ironic that a materialistic legal system was transformed into a system of human manipulation and suppression by substituting property rights for personal rights.

Now there is resistance. Will it continue? Relying on the courts to promote human rights is problematic. Here in the southhern District of Georgia, the judge whose ruling in King v. Marcy, a civil rights case I have been mulling, is the judge who granted the injunction against the mandate to innoculate corporate employees.

R. Stan Baker is a real comer, from the commercial sector. It seems the authoritarians have come as far as they want to go in letting artificial persons be self-directing as long as natural persons are kept subservient. You see, it was not just slaves who were excluded from “we, the people.”. It was also women, natives and children who were excluded from the revolving hegemony of the white male.

Black males were added to the privileged class as a reward for effort in the war, but not for long. It was not until the arrival of universal suffrage that subordinate populations were given the hope of equal treatment, even as the commercial sector strove to keep them in their place.

Poverty, you know, is a lesser evil compared to extermination. Husbandry is a lesser evil compared to hunting. The threat of execution is the key to authoritarian control. “We fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here.” How many people did the U.S. kill in Iraq and Afghanistan?