The Saga of Charlie and the Prudential Company

As posted to his FB page:

On Wednesday of last week – my father had his first Dentist visit. I had to go into further debt to pay for it because @Prudential not just unlawfully withheld our money – but because they contacted “the authorities” and (without a factual basis – and contrary to the facts they knew), declared my father mentally incompetent, and charged me with abuse and exploitation.
While at the dentist – I got a call from an unidentified woman, who failed to identify herself, saying she was at my door and needed to speak with my father. I knew immediately that @Prudential “took the bait” of my incessant, hounding, and often expletive-filled phone calls – and popped up their head into public (whereas they make all effort to be “invisible” to investors and the public). I was not sure what they would try – but I knew this would “draw them out.”
I immediately called her back – and got her voice mail – identifying her as an “Investigator” for Florida’s notoriously corrupt Department of Children & Families (DCF) – conducting an investigation into false allegations against me – built upon and based on a false claim of @Prudential that I was “impersonating” my father and trying to steal “his” money.
A point of fact. In 2009 I had a Federal 1983 Civil Rights Lawsuit against the City of Alachua and it’s top officials (including Chief of Police and two Police Officers, as well as Mayor and City Manager). The City paid me $199,000.
I took that check – after paying to try and reverse the false convictions they were able to have put on my record – and placed it into an Annuity – with Chase Bank (J. P. Morgan) via Prudential. It was to be my retirement fund – and it grew for years to aim at such. I set it up, however, so that it could benefit my parents – in case of emergency – and they needed money.
The account is what enabled my mother to purchase a new car – the first since the 1970s – for my father. We had the annuity pay for the car and the insurance. Beyond that it was not used until we needed it for my mother’s funeral. That took a chunk – but it was not until 2015 when my father suffered a Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury due to Negligence at Osceola Regional Hospital. (Never once did the State of Florida take any interest in my father’s health, safety or welfare – not then, not ever.)
The week before Thanksgiving – we made the first attempt to take out $2,000 – to pay for Medical expenses. Three years ago I put a stop to all outgoing payments from that account to try and grow it – it was then effectively on fumes. In September the first real gains were reported – we sought to take out ONLY that which was gained since September – wanting to preserve the annuity and get it to grow (hoping it would one day be sufficient for me as a retirement fund).
For nearly two months, @Prudential told me and my father that they had effectively “lost” our money – they said they had a “system’s problem” – and that they could not locate or access our account. For 7 years I have been acting on behalf of my father as Power of Attorney – as Prudential was made aware of and knew all these years.
I then began calling them daily – and from 8 am till the wee hours of the night – daily – all the way up till Christmas. They refused to help us. They continued to claim there was a “system’s problem”. Last week, I began one phone call, recorded, with a purpose (I also had my father videotaped – speaking to @Prudential, without my help (which one representative through a fit about – as if it was illegal. It was not. Indeed it was illegal – to deny my father his right to assign the power for someone to act as “attorney” for him in such matters – and he is unable to deal with the ridiculous run-around they impose with the phone system and automated “insulators” – to keep people from ever getting to a person with actual responsibility or authority.
I asked – as I have PTSD and my father I already explained – for assistance, for people with #disabilities, to assist with dealing with their institution. First I called four different numbers I have discovered that @Prudential claims are dedicated lines to provide assistance to persons with disabilities.
One never connected. One told us to use their automated system on the regular line. A third told us to dial *699 and a person would assist us. Dialing that … led us to … our Cell Phone Provider.
I last called the most public number (all those prior – were given to me – after hours of having to demand it, often having to scream and shout and curse, before they would provide a number) – one that I first discovered was publicly promulgated by @Prudential as a line for #Disability Assistance.
I spoke on the phone with Nitza – who was puzzled when I asked her for assistance for the #disabled. I asked her – are you aware that @Prudential publishes your phone number as being dedicated for this purpose. No, she stated – so I instructed her to enter her phone number into Google – and see what comes up. Sure enough it was as I stated – she was being employed to assist persons with #disabilities – but no one at @Prudential ever bothered to inform her – or train her.
Yesterday I spoke with Nitza again – and learned that @Prudential sent an email around the company – stating that my father and I had our matter “resolved.” (By which they meant – I was to be investigated for exploiting my father – and would not be calling back. Little did they know who they were messing with.
Nitza straightforwardly told me – not only does she not even know anyone in @Prudential who has that job – she does not even know of any division that assists with people with #disabilities.
She was continuing to inform me of internal facts about @Prudential, and I urged her to find a new employer, as she was an honest person – and her company and bosses were not. Nitza did not hang up the phone – like all the other @Prudential persons. But suddenly – without disconnecting – the sound was cut to the call. Someone at @Prudential was listening – and stopped her mid-sentence.
On Monday I went to the Chase branch were we purchased the annuity and spoke to it’s manager. I demanded he call @Prudential. My father sat five feet away from him – and uncoerced by myself or anyone else – demanded his money. Erick at the Buena Ventura Lakes Branch of @Chase thus knew there was no fraud. @Prudential refused to give him any answers – but said they would call back.
Yesterday I called and spoke to Erick first thing in the morning. He had not heard back – I asked him then why had he not called them back. That forced him to do so – but only after telling me – that @Prudential had closed our account – in terms of access by Chase bank. Until yesterday – I opened the Chase app – and that Annuity was part of my Chase portfolio. Suddenly it disappeared. He said they closed it – I said – is the money in the checking account?
He called me back later. He told me that @Prudential did not call him – but emailed him a letter – which stated that they were not going to process the money – because it was a matter of fraud. Erick did not contradict them and inform them of what he knew. When I told him what I wanted him to tell @Prudential – he hung up on me.
Yesterday I made an appointment to speak to someone at the branch – they scheduled it for next Monday. I stated that it was to file complaints against Prudential AND Erick. They made the appointment – with Erick.
After I identified the DCF Investigator – I left her two very long voicemails – that were not complimentary at all, and I have no apologies for doing so, and I stated to her why that was my attitude and position and approach – and why it would remain so.
She asked, from our front door, if we were home – I told her, No, we are at the dentist. After I calmed down a bit – I called a friend in Gainesville – one of the two honest lawyers I know and can trust. He agreed to represent my father – and demand @Prudential turn over our money without further delay.
Then we went on the lam – we specifically were vague and misleading in where we went and were. Even implying we were in Canada – fleeing the country, crossing the border. This was quite deliberate – as were my statements, and “abuses”, toward certain @Prudential officials and representatives.
But were were only in Gainesville – a hundred and something miles away.
And our first business – was to meet with my father’s attorney. Yesterday we had lunch with another long-time friend – that friend worked for the Florida DCF … for five months, before quitting, due to the corruption of the institution.
While we were driving up to Gainesville – the Investigator called again. My position at this point would have been – had we been home – to tell her to get a warrant. But I didn’t have to – because we were not, and were not going to be, home. If the Florida DCF wanted to meet with my father or me – they were going to have to do it on MY terms. That included – even if you bring a warrant – I am going to berate your and call you every name under the heading of “fascist” and more. And I would tell any Sheriff accompanying them the same – and that they were not invited or welcome in our home. And that I protested – based upon the existence of a Pandemic – and my father’s condition. I also stated that she would have to come triple masked, triple vaxxed, and with a same-day negative COVID test – as well as any police officer that accompanied them. And I would still tell them that I was going to have my say before they entered – and they would hear me out (and I even warned the Sheriff that I was going to be “verbally abusive” – and they damn well better not do anything to me as a result. I also told them – no weapons would be admitted into my home.
At that point, had this occurred, I would have said – you are now going to FORCE your way – against our wishes – like Nazi Stormtroopers or Brown Shirts in a Warsaw Ghetto. We object vociferously.
The Investigator this time – now that I had outed her – identified herself and her business. I demanded she provide me with a credible basis for this “investigation.” She then put a police officer on the phone – he got to “Mr. Grapski,” at which point I loudly and assertively barked “Fuck Off!”. He tried a second time – I said “Fuck Off!!” He asked if we were at home, No I said, and he then submissively retreated with his friend.
Yesterday another investigator showed up at our home – and called me to let them in. I gave them a piece of my mind and a lecture – and then told them – we are not at home. And I told – we were not going to be – I told her that after the holiday – I was willing to come to their Orlando office, and hear what they had to say, but they were not welcome at our home. I was going to go there tomorrow – but today she called me – again I was on the road. She said she was working today – at this point I stated – if you want to meet, you cannot come into the house, and it is going to be on my terms. She accommodated me – and my father and I spoke, briefly, to her on our front law from our van. This is the video attached.
You can see for yourself what transpired. Almost all of it saved.
I will not allow anyone – not a Corporation like @Prudential or the State of Florida – to mess with “My Daddy” – and I will protect his health, welfare, and dignity aggressively and without apology. Again – “No One Fucks with my Father.” PERIOD – I don’t care if you have a badge – I am going to tell you what I told the Sheriff. And I have zero fear of anything they might do to me – I have been through it, and worse, before. I’ll do it again in defense of my father.
@Prudential messed with the wrong people. And I am coming for them – with a Vengeance. Especially the following three I know of right now – and I will get all the DCF Records – I already made the Demand for the Public Records, on the phone, with the answering machine last Wednesday. And then I will add names. But right now there is Charles F. Lowerey – CEO of @Prudential; @KentSluyter – VP over Annuities; and Colin Malone Senior some bullshit meaningless title.
Let it be known, far and wide, from ocean to ocean, across the globe and country – that I am GUNNING FOR EACH OF THEM – and I will do ALL it takes – to see their heads on a proverbial pike of accountability. I will publish it all for the world to see. You Fucked with the Wrong Person – and his Father. @Prudential could not have been more stupid than to try and pull this on me – it is a Third Degree Felony in Florida to do what they did. Now you will learn what I am capable of doing – and why the State of Florida and its Good Ole Boys have labeled me “Public Enemy #1.”