Free speech was at the core of what Trump offered to his acolytes. It cost him nothing. His own monopolization of words went largely unnoticd.

Rather simplistically, Trump seems convinced that the playground jingle rings true.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

So, he hurls them about with great abandon and commits almost nothing to paper.

But the Euro-American legal system is quirky. While there is much emphasis on documentary and physical evidence, especially of injury, in the court room it is verbal testimony that carries the day, as various abusive miscreants are discovering.

In addition, Trump still has apparently not realized that in taking the oath of office, he entered into a whole different world where obligations are no longer voluntary and mandated behavior is the order of the day.

While Republican partisans have been flirting with do-nothingness for decades, legislators and judges can afford to take that stance, since they are not obligated to do anything. Performance is what the executive is for.

So, what the January 6th investigators are looking for is testimony that no response was ordered. Three hours. Of course, it is possible the Commander-in-Chief was comatose and passed out.

Composed this here because FB keeps flipping me off if I take too long to write.