Of artificial bodies

So, the Catholic Church, in pretending to be the body of Christ, is passing itself off as an artificial body, but not to a corporation. However, if we accept that the Christianity has evolved into a series of corporations, one might well ask if what Jesus’ desciples created is the very model for artificial bodies of all sorts. Are Christians the inventors of corporate enterprise? The “children of God” fiction, seeking historical relevance, does not really hold up.

Is a man-made body superior to what mother nature creates? Are corporations a male response to the realities of mother nature’s connections?

Was the Catholic Church the first artificial body, a precedent for the nation state? A promised land without specific geographic dimensions? “Upon this rock I will build my church”

Both the Greek democracy and Roman republic were less authoritarian than rulers supported by the Divine Right.

God the Father is the model of paternity (patriotism) without responsibility. God’s dominion is the epitome of irresponsible and immoral rule.

Immoral behavior is evidenced by the infliction of hurt. And the suggestion that self-sacrifice is evidence of virtue is a doubling-down of evil.

How does immorality devolve into evil? By arguing that suffering is good.