Christianity is a plague. As a belief system, it is not inherently destructive. Which, of course, is also true of a viral organism like the corona. It is when it infects humans that it results in premature lethality. Christianity kills earlier than other forces (bacteria, gravity, toxins, etc) might determine. Christianity kills for an idea–that the idea of a supreme being is more important than organic existence. This supremacy of an idea is evidence of human hubris.

But, where does the hubris come from? It is obviously not universally present in the species. While the Catholic/christian belief system claims universality, it isn’t. Lots of humans have and do survive without giving supremacy a thought. The supremacy of the idea would seem to imply a recognition of the fact that supremacy is not a thing. Just an idea. So, what is the point? My guess is that assigning primacy to the thought is to compensate for an individual not being adequate. Supremacy is a response to the perception of inferiority, which is not even the inferior’s fault. If there is nothing to be done, then an idea has got to be enough.

The U.S. is such fertile ground for COVID-19 because it is a “christian nation,” intellectually primed to be martyred. “It is god’s will that I should suffer.” Thus, to take prophylactic measures is to flaunt god’s will. However, to accept succor of the suffering, or let caretakers share it, is OK.

Then there is thw question which came first: an exploitative economic system or Jesus’ formalization of it? How did predatory behavior get translated into a social system that relies on the extraction of benefit from members as a good? It’s not just a matter of a division of labor, as between the drone and the queen bee. The exploitation of humans by their own kind provides no benefit to the species. If anything, exploitation sustains worthless exemplars.

Is it rational that Christianity champions worthless individuals?