Presumption of ignorance

Is the presumption of ignorance the other side of the coin of the presumption of innocence? To whom does the benefit of the doubt accrue? The doubter or the doubted? Is the presumption of innocence really an excuse to justify abuse? Is the sacrament of confession a recipe for perpetrating lies?

The stories being told about Mother Teresa are both disturbing and revealing. It had not occurred to me that some people derive pleasure from watching others suffer at their own hands– that people are attracted to the suffering of Jesus because he claimed responsibility for it. That is sick.

Martin Luther is reported to have been concerned that “preaching not be without profit and fruit.” So, the object of the word is to get, rather than give. The purpose of preaching is not to inform, to share wisdom, but to gain compliance.

If speech is silver and silence is golden, then the object is an effortless increase in value. The purpose of speech is power? Well, if one has no sense of self, then one’s behavior can only be evaluated in terms of its effect.

How does mindless imitation factor in? What is the practical consequence of the imitation of christ? How did christianity end up being such a destructive force? By defining abuse as good behavior. Imitation of abuse is an automatic response prompted by self-preservation. So, does self-abuse serve as a protection against threat?