Skullduggery in the air?

This message purporting to be from Senator Warnock arrived:

monica, this will be quick – and I really need your help:

1. We knew Georgia was going to be a critical battleground – again – but now, POLITICO reports that our race will decide which party controls the Senate.

2. Republicans have made me their top target for next year’s critical elections, and they’re already outspending us on misleading attack ads in order to smear my record and turn Georgia red.

3. Our grassroots campaign is falling $17,871 short of what we need to fight back, hit our midnight fundraising goal and win this race. Unless we close this budget gap by midnight, the GOP’s attacks could leave a major mark.

We cannot hand Georgia – and our critical Senate majority – back to Mitch McConnell and the GOP when everything from our voting rights to health care is under attack. But according to analysts at The Washington Post, that’s exactly what could happen if we lose this battleground race.

Please, monica, I’m counting on you. With time running out before our critical midnight deadline, I’m asking you to give every dollar you can spare right now:

Will you split a donation between me and Seth Moulton before 11:59 p.m. tonight to hit our goal, win in Georgia and take back the Senate for Democrats?

We’re so close, monica – thank you.

— Raphael Warnock

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Paid for by Seth Moulton for Congress

I did not know Seth Moulton from a hole in the ground. Apparently, he’s a Congressman from Massachusetts who’s got presidential ambitions. If sending messages from Massachusetts is not designed to undercut the Senator from Georgia, it is really stupid, if not illegal.


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