On voting in Georgia

It would probably be useful to look back further in history. One of the main reasons the 2000 election was screwed up, in addition to the malfunctioning “machines” with the hanging chads, which stopped recording votes after the tray got clogged, was that the votes from American citizens serving in the armed forces had not arrived in the mail and were not counted before the election was decided by the court.

What has perhaps not been covered sufficiently is that the mechanics of elections have been under continuous review since then and the initial shift to all electronic tabulators (which proved fallible in 2004) has been adjusted with a hybrid system of electronic records for speedy tabulation and some paper trail for verification (which Georgia deployed in 2020).

In addition, the traditional habit of pretty much ignoring mailed ballots unless their number was such that they would make a difference in a particular contest, has been addressed by legislation which requires criteria for the issuance and recording of mail ballots, whether from within or outside the U.S., to guarantee that all votes are counted and tabulated in the final results.

In other words, the media interest in having almost instantaneous results no longer rules the exercise. Politicians who decry this inconvenience to the media for whatever reason get a friendly ear. The press “calling” elections is, IMHO, a pernicious practice. Next is the suggestion that tallying ends when candidates concede, regardless of what the vote actually is.

It isn’t just the political class that has an interest in taking charge of elections. The press also has an interest in dissing the electorate. Voters that mess with their predictions are such a nuissance.

Want an example? In Georgia the story has been about some 11,700 “missing” votes that Raffensberger was supposed to find. The real story, that over 22,000 voter who took a ballot and voted for other candidates, did not vote for anyone for President, is being ignored. Those 22,000 were probably not Democrats. And then there are the 63,000 Georgians who voted for the Libertarian’s female candidate, Jo Jorgensen.

Maybe we should start talking about 21st century unmentionables. LOL Anyway, eighty five thousand Georgia citizens made independent decisions and failed to follow the binary rules. You think maybe there is a trend? David Perdue, who got more votes in November than Donald Trump, but not enough to retain his Senate job, looks to have screwed himself with his juvenile jabs at Kamala Harris. The people who had been trying to make her a reason not to vote for Biden were obviously not a decisive force. Now Perdue is going to challenge Kemp as weak because he bested Ms. Abrams four years ago? Good luck with that David!