Jo Jorgensen, Libertarian

As a presidential candidate in 2020, she received over 62 thousand votes, but that turned out to be unmentionable. Instead, Trump claimed to be looking for 1700 votes, or so. The 22,000+ voters that ignored the top of the ballot was also an unmentionable.

Now, Trump is mainly about glory, direct or reflected does not matter. That thousands rejected all presidential applicants is inglorious. Ergo unmentionable. That even more preferred a woman is doubly unmentionable. After all, Trump was certain Biden would lose because he chose a female VP. Purdue tried to enhance his image by making sport of the VP’s name. So, although he got more votes than Trump in November, in January Ossof bested him. It is not nice to fool with Mamala.

I cannot agree with the Libertarians because it is totally unrealistic to expect individuals to do for themselves when the resources of nature have either been dedicated to the exclusive use/abuse of individuals or reserved for the public. There have tobe rules about how resources and assets are used. It is not enough to prohibit direct injury when deprivation lurks in the shadows. There is a difference between stealing someone’s food and letting them starve.

Oddly, the importance of deprivation and perhaps even its nature seems about to be tested when Donald J. Trump is charged with obstructing Congress by withholding security forces from the Capitol during the riot. Republicans have a hard time understanding that what has been given cannot be taken away without good cause. Why can’t they just rescind the ACA?