In about 1982, I was appointed Guardian ad Litem for an eight year old child whose mother had surrendered custody to the state because she found the child unmanageable. For the next nine years, I was an observer and sometime participant as various juvenile treatment programs relying on drug therapy, counseling and talk managed to demonstrate that the mother had got it right. So, the last stop was the state mental hospital in McClenny, which had a small juvenile program in association with the University Medical School.

Eventually, as a result of modification to the behaviors of the care providers, the child was adjudged compliant and, at the age of 18, set free to get back with the mother. Success! From Which I concluded that the child had some cognitive deficits and some talents (mainly mimicry) in common with a significant population that just needs proper direction to function in society. If the direction is improper or contentious, then that is how their behavior will be.

While the response is automatic, it never becomes automatous. The program has no intrinsic permanence. Rosanne Boyland, who died on the Capitol Steps was, I suspect, an example of such a person being taken over by a new controller.