Recalcitrant Constitution

Government by the people has been resisted from the beginning. For a long time major portions of the population (slaves, minors, women, natives, foreigners) were effectively excluded from civic participation, even as commercial interests were advantaged. Since the advent of universal suffrage and financial reform, the effort to secure male hegemony has shifted to making the executive supreme, first via the Pentagon and, more recently, via the Department of Justice to undermine the electoral process. The buttress of partisan support has, of course, been waning for some time.

Now that the electoral process has effectively been lost (with the election of Harris) as a guarantor of male hegemony, judicial protection for the male interest in progeny is a last ditch effort. It is not going to work. Reproduction in the U.S. has already fallen below replacement levels.

Reproduction is a disutility UNLESS there are significant compensator benefits.

White male hegemony is the issue.

The term “male hegemony” seems to be used mostly by females. Males prefer the term “hegemonic masculinity,” suggesting, perhaps, that masculinity is a given and inherently positive. It seems that “male hegemony” is like “disfemism” in that it represents a perspective that is not welcome.

An unwelcome perspective! Think of that! The Constitution does not go along.