Church, child and chamber

That’s the conservative ideal of a woman’s place. “Kinder, K├╝che und Kirche.” Is it a coincidence that the initials are KKK? The bottom line is that this is an agenda for women, cleverly disguised in white robes. Which suggests that the slaughter of black men was a surrogate action, inspired in part by their apparent inability or disinclination to keep the women at home. The liberty of women has always been an issue, but not overtly addressed. All men are created equal! RIGHT.

I have long been able to resist advertising. Now, I realize that is related to my inclination to resist proselytizing. I suppose the latter was in response to the experience of being exposed to a host of Christian sects, which were all about selling salvation. Now I realize that “selling” is the point and salvation is just a rationale to exploit.

Recently, there has arisen an angst over the demise of the consumer economy. Some are jumping on the bandwagon and declaring what seems inevitable to be a good thing. I’d say the demise of religious affiliation (holding propaganda at bay) is part and parcel with the demise of consumer/car/culture. If virility is no longer associated with vehicles, what does that mean for the women in their lives.

There was a time when people recited the wars in which their loved ones had died. The other day a friend was moved to recall the five close relatives who had died alone in their cars.