Free Will Baptist Church

Dubs itself a “bitter place” in our community. Perhaps that is accidentally honest, a misspelling, but I am inclined to agree that most organized Christian religious sects sem to be about distress. Misery-mongers. They are not looking for contented, happy people. Which may account for why nationally church membership is shrinking. We just might be running our of disaffected people who are looking for religion as an antidote to the misery promoted by the patriarchy.

How does one tell the difference between a caring male and a groomer? Are grooms inevitably motivated by an ulterior purpose? Ah, the ulterior motive, the partner of triangulation. Triangulation is the essence of deception.

One more question: what is the relationship between selling things and saving souls? Are they simply different expressions of the impulse to control. At what point does a salesman turn from simple trade and exchange to the ability to manipulate future behavior? What prompted the Creator to convert a nutritious fruit into a representation of irrational (coerced) obedience?

If one is not hungry and not keen to eat an apple to begin with, the Adam and Eve story is pretty dumb. Coerced obedience is the essence of a power trip–i.e. evidence that creation is not motivated by love.