Darkness in the world

In The Atlantic it is written:

Tony Judt said that there is darkness in this world, and that darkness often triumphed—and liberated me to do the same.

By Ta-Nehisi Coates

What does that sentence even mean? The darkness in the world, which is actually humans doing bad things, was identified by someone named Tony Judt and then Ta-Nahisi Coates felt free to give darkness a try? Surely not> So what? Because Mr.Judt pointed out misbehavior, Mr. Coates can do it too? Seems rather minimal.

“eviscerate” is a good word. Judt used it to define what the people in charge of U.S. society did to the populace. He seems not to have gone so far as to note that eviscerate is what predators normally do. Prey can rearely be swalloed whole.

So, there be predators among us. I’m not sure I’d call it darkness. Predatory humans are a throw-back, relying on primitive behavior to sustain themselves. Since, mostly, they are acting abstractly, it is the passive observers who permit the exploitation and evisceration we should look to for correction. Joe Biden and the young democrats have decided to stop being observers.