The Virginia rejection of the Democratic operative

Terry McAuliffe is the quintessential party operative looking for power while pretending to be less rapacious (offering less deprivation) than Republicans. So, the voters rejected the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

I read an essay which opined that what the voters rejected was not “socialism” as the GOP claimed, but rather the support of fake liberty, and I agree, to a point. Where I disagree is with the notion that the will to power is responsible for the coercion supposedly embedded in the “socialism” the GOP fears. What is over-looked is that there is nothing which precludes the will to power from being restrained. Force of all kinds, whether animalistic, intellectual, electrical or magnetic is subject to being restrained. If humans do not restrain their animal appetites, they are simply less than human.

Still, as I have opined before, the major political factions are quite uniformly committed to the culture of obedience. Coercion is on everyone’s agenda, some kinder and gentler or not. “No free lunch” is a coercive dictum.