Where are we at?

Desperation. The partisan political community is getting desperate. All the ploys relied on since the civil rights era to counter government by the people have failed to secure rule by an elite. Elites taking partisan turns to exercise autocracy failed to convince that the ad hoc divisions cobbled out of the detritus of various wars were legitimate. Ditto for the unitary executive. Now there is a last ditch effort to assert the supremacy of the presidency to defeat the popular vote.

Populism is the boogie man. Aka government by the people. Why? It is not because any particular group or population is unworthy of participation. The problem is that when the people govern, there is no concentration of power — a lack which individuals who perceive themselves as powerless sense more than anyone else. Confident individuals do not aspire to power, a desire to control others to compensate for having little control over oneself.

Only the powerless lust obsessively for power and that is where the political partisans now find themselves. And their obsession is meeting rejection.

On the other hand, I wonder how many partisans are going to be exposed, like John Sunnunu, as opportunists who ditch the faction before it self-destructs. Republicans and Democrats are both on a suicide mission.