Regarding the McMichael/Bryan Trial Jury

According to our paper, the jury+alternates is made up of four white men, eleven white women and one black person. While I personally think they are guilty of killing Arbery, the law’s requiring of intent is a problem. These three are dangerous, mainly because the do not think. Which does not mean they do not connive and plot and deceive. Instinct handles that. As a lawman pointed out, these guys are like the fellows who hunt from trucks along the highways, waiting to shoot what the dogs flush.

The former investigator for the DA is the very model of a lying cop. He was a necessary cog in a system that keeps no activity logs and then relies on “investigators” in the department or for the DA to make stuff up. So, it is not a surprise that the initial story was a lie. The video taker could not have seen Arbery run by his house and jumped in his truck to give chase because, to get in back of Arbery, he had to drive north on another street and make two left turns. In the days immediately following the killing, the video guy was on FB reporting on his barbecue and getting his girlfriend, with whom he had just bought the house, into the water. It wasn’t until it became obvious the community was not going to be satisfied with a sheriff-supervised memorial march in the neighborhood that the FB postings were scrubbed and the house was removed from the GIS listings. When I asked the sheriff about that he said it was to protect the innocent and the neighbors. He did not think to deny that the info had been removed. I could understand why. After all we would not want the County Attorney and the Clerk of the Superior Court to be bothered by people trooping through the neighborhood.

Perhaps the reason I got a straight answer from the Sheriff was because we had tested the system when the spouse was arrested on a bogus trespassing charge that took over fifteen months to be dismissed because we insisted on a trial in which the arresting officer would have to testify about an incident report he did not write, and the judge wanted none of that. We even refused a dismissal offered by the prosecutor if we would pay $300 in court costs, which the lawyer we had hired, a member of the local NAACP, thought a good deal. At the time of the arrest, I had to put our house up to bail out the spouse. Then I had to contact the Sheriff, who supervises the jail, to get a copy of the papers I had signed because the intake officer had failed to provide a copy. I like to test a system before I criticize. Law enforcement in Glynn County is rotten from bottom to top.

There is some progress. We have a new DA, elected as an independent via petitions. We have a new Police Chief from Louisiana and the FBI, who is still lacking state certification. We have no county administrator, no assistant administrator, no building inspector, no code enforcement officer, and the information officer is new. What we have is pages of consent items on the BOC agenda because nobody on the Commission knows how to run a meeting where there is any discussion. This is a community, Btw, where former U.S.Senator David Perdue was able to sell a fourteen room mansion appraised at slightly over three million to some bloke in New Jersey for ten million. Maybe that is the inflation the Republicans are all nattering about.