Commerce is King

If commerce is king and supported by law, is rule by the Almighty Dollar corrupt? The hegemony of commerce is by design. Commerce is predation, the exploitation of a prey, called cannibalism when the victim is of one’s own kind. Is its abstracted version any different? The victim is not actually deadened and consumed, as ritualized in the Catholic mass. Ritual obviating killing. Less than lethal behavior. Thou shalt not kill, but exploitation is OK?

Is Christianity an exploitative and torture justifying belief system? One in which virtue involves the self-restraint to avoid killing. If so, then can we conclude that the holocaust was just an example of christianity’s failure on a grand scale? And commerce is just a secular version, an abstraction.

Beyond good and evil lies torture, aka deprivation and systematic discipline. Is there a formal analysis of coercion?

Commerce, commerce everywhere
And not a moment’s peace
From commerce aim to deceive