Save, salvage, indoctrinate

Those three, and there are probably more, all perceive human beings as disposable entities; not, necessarily, to be gotten rid of, but to be dealt with as an object of no intrinsic worth. Perhaps “empty vessel” was an appropriate earlier metaphor. “Tabula rasa” also caters to the notion that humans exist to be molded; as if their perfection were not pre-programmed.

Perhaps there are humans lacking self-awareness and, ipso facto, self-direction. I do not remember a time since I woke from a nap and discovered I could not get out of the crib to shit on the pot that I have not been self-aware and the need to be self-reliant.

Backin the day (as recently as the 1960s), it was not unusual to keep children contained in cribs and playpens, even after they had learned to walk. I was never able to do that. Never got over the trauma of having shat in my bed?

When my mother became incontinent in the last weeks of her life, I put diapers on her. When she tore them off, I used duct tape to prevent that. Once the temporal lobes disconnect, behavior becomes quite erratic. Also the production of sound. Meaningless vocalization can go on for hours.