Socialism vs. Snobism

The political parties are extra-legal associations whose purpose is to exercise influence they are not entitled to exercise. The political parties were compromise inventions to prevent agents of government having to be responsive to citizens.

Democracy has not been achieved because these political interest groups intervened. As a citizen activist I was never so disrespected as by a democratic party operative who had no use for citizens at all. The political campaign fraternity is not very different from the judicial or law enforcement fraternity.

They all resent a citizenry that expects them to represent. “thinning the herd” is not just a Republican attitude. When you come right down to it, “socialism” is code for “government by the people,” and sometimes denigrated as “populism.” What’s the antithesis of socialism? Snobism.

Funny addendum. An acquaintance named gibbons has an email address which reverses her name to snobbig, which is actually quite telling because she is a snob.
Snobism has many manifestation. One of the most obvious is the insistence on titles like Doctor by academics.