Aggrandizement by association

I have preferred to promote gilt by association to encapsulate the habit of employing either adulation or antagonism towards significant people to enhance the ego. My mother did that and it was a matter of pride that she chose friends for their superior qualities. And she resented that her mother made friends in the lower class. (Though, perhaps that assertion was meant as a critique of my associations I was too dense to get).

Insinuation. Now, that is a word I should consider more often. It goes with subterfuge and ulterior motives and does not easily register with people who speak their minds.

Of course, while Donald Trump’s “believe me” is to be discounted and he insinuates, there is no ulterior motivation. Self aggrandisement is his only objective, an objective whose dimension are infinite.

Poor Donald, he’s got a terrible case of attention deficit that is impossible to compensate.