On Erick Erickson

His column appeared in our local paper. I linked the original on FB with comments.

An intimate male friend murdered Gabby Petito. The killing, like about 50,000 similar cases world wide a year, is not a tragedy as Erick Erickson claims. It is a consequence of males wanting to dominate females and making them serve their needs.
Perhaps the impulse to dominate arises from a lack of self control. But, the reason abuse so often escalates to murder is because abuse (aka discipline) is culturally approved.
So, when the Taliban announce that executions will resume, one has to ask if the Afghan males would have time to rule and kill, if the women were not being kept at home to keep the fires burning and bearing more children for the menfolk to rule.
Mr. Erickson was prompted to compose an income-producing piece by a daughter and a wife and then complains that social media are cutting into his influencing.