Dissembling in Georgia

For quite a while, candidates for public office in Georgia were pressured to run under the Republican banner by the Republican establishment with the argument that Democrats could not get elected, despite the numerical plurality of voters identifying as Democrats. Though all newcomers were likely to be rejected in the primary anyway, the argument did serve to reveal basic Republican duplicity.

Now that the citizens of Georgia have sent two real Democrats to the U.S. Senate, tactics have apparently changed and the drug promoting Congressman from the First District, Earl Carter, is to be replaced by a Savannah labor lawyer pretending to be a Democrat, as his biography makes clear. Though the locals may not recognize it, being a graduate of Dartmouth College in New Hampshire is the first tell. Wade Herring is a life-long promoter of corporate interests, not the working man or woman. The cases cited by his employer, Hunter MacLean, tell us that.

Representing corporations is an easy call because, after all, almost all federal and state laws favor the custodians of property to begin with. The primacy of the artificial man-made bodies (corporations), for which the United States Constitution is the model, was evident from the start of the Republic. The natural person, protected only against self-incrimination and his/her god-given rights, is free, to live or to die, at no cost to anyone else.

Mitchell v. Savannah Airport Commission, No. 4:17-cv-00188, 2018 WL 6531725, (S.D.Ga. Dec. 11, 2018): The court granted summary judgment for the employer on all counts where the plaintiff, a current employee, claimed she was denied promotions because of her race and sex.