Puddy’s Nose

For a couple of years now (decades) we have been dealing with periodic sinus problens which manifest as post-nasal drip and from time to time affect respiration and sleeping. That is, sleep apnea causes disturbed sleep. A regimen put together by the doc in Durham managed to provide some relief, but then Puddy moved to Georgia and the doc died.

A couple of years ago, a bout of coughing and not sleeping led to a consult with a pulmonologist who diagnosed astham and prescribed medication without paying sufficient attention to the patient. So, the Puddy sought out another doctor (in Jesup) and took some medication that was successful off and ond. Flare ups were diagnosed at the walk0in clinic as bacterial infections and treated with antibiotics.

The last time, the doctor on call suggested that he saw polyps in the ears that a specialist (nose, throat and ears) ought to have a look at. The other day the expert determined that, no, there are no polyps in the ears, just changes from swimming in very cold water, BUT, lo and behold, there are polyps in the nose which are likely causing the constant drainage. Why did nobody else notice? Because the Puddy has always asserted that his nasal problems are the result of a deviated septum he’s had since birth.

Polyps in the nose are the result of repeated bacterial infections. They can be surgically removed but the doc wants to try irrigation with a saline solution and some drug first. We had a kerfuffle over that because the Puddy insisted he was to use an inhaler like he used before. He checked with the doc and the pharmacist and is now content to irrigate.

His sense of smell is restored and led to the insistence that we turn on the AC in the mud room. I was willing to buy a new unit, but the repair guy insists the one in the wall is good. It does not, however, respond to the downstairs thermostat. So, we wait for parts.