The citizens of Boston are going to make news because the two major candidates for Mayor are neither of Irish or Italian descent. This led me to a question.

Why, in a country where people relocate, on average, every two years, is it important to reference where people or their ancestors are from? Why are personalities and celebrities important? Because the natural person, except for one mention in the Constitution, is largely ignored. Was this inattention necessary to accommodate the designation of some persons as commodities available to be sold?

Jimmy Carter tried to promote human rights and was dismissed for his supposed commercial failures. Which leads to the question whether the basic Western conflict is between humanism and commerce. If so, then human husbandry is a system in which the value of a human is defined by the husband. Value is established by trade and exchange. A person has no intrinsic value.

I am from nowhere and do not belong anywhere. It does not bother me because I have refused to be defined by my history. I have never wanted to be accepted and never felt rejected. I simply do not feel responsible for what other people do.