Florence, Italy in 1957

After reading about Smyrna, which is now Izmir in Turkey, I took a little tour via Google Earth and was reminded of our visit to Florence, Italy in 1957. Mymother and I took a stroll down a narrow street, no more than 20 feet wide, until we came upon a plaza. perhaps a quarter acre in size, which, in the middle of the day, was entirely filled with young men standing and chatting with each other. The sixteen year old me was totally astonished by so much indolence.

When I mentioned this to my spouse of 56 years he, correctly, observed that chatting was their work. Which I do understand now. So, the streets of Izmir full of mostly men did not come as a surprise–only a reminder that the reason that the males, then and now, in Turkey and Afghanistan, can afford to chat or fight is because the females are doing all the essential work.

Izmir, which was Smyrna