Union depends on enemies……

Failure by design. It is the conservative M.O. for the simple reason that it is certain and predictable. Like a prat fall, which, for some reason, Americans find funny.

Aiming for success, on the other hand, is not only risky (might fail) but terminal (success is the end of an enterprise). People who want things to go on and on, plan to fail.

Moreover, there is the attraction of disaster management. This does not refer to managing disasters to minimize their effects. Rather, it refers to using disasters to manage/manipulate the population. The U.S. has designated enemies, not because they are proven sources of injury, but because having a common enemy is a cheap unifying force. The United States are not defined by their enemies; they are united in response to their supposed enemies.

‘Tis not a nightmare.’Tis a dream situation. Another figment of the imagination.

Another good thought:
Getting people to strap themselves into cages on wheels was agemius idea. Create the illusion of motion while keeping humans locked up. Way to control three hundred million without resorting to force. And they actually like it! So what if the lack of physical exercise leads to an early death. There are still profits to be made. Humans are a lucrative commodity–but not if they stop replacing themselves.