Summer camp

My mother was always good at arranging some alternative care for me.

The Brown School for Girls in Glendora, California had a summer camp and then I spent a year in school there. Took swimming and junior life-guard lessons.
When we moved to San Francisco, I was stashed at a “camp” in a residential neighborhood in Palo Alto, California. There I learned that the water in a pool has to be constantly filtered if algae are not to turn the water green and turgid in a couple of days. We, the older children, spent days cleaning the pool and then watched it return to its previous state. After that we biked (5 kids to a bike) down to the river for a swim. No way was that an accredited facility.
There was no summer in ’54 because when we arrived in Chile, it was fall.
1955 was probably my last time at camp, at Center Moriches, on the far east end of Long Island. That was a primitive camp with wooden buildings and lots of sand on the floor. I expect it was only for a few weeks. Later, when I needed to be supervised, I was left at a sort of resort near the Delaware Water Gap. The Bartas let me stay while mother went back to New York to work.
1957 was the grand European tour where I traveled by myself on an Italian Line ship to Hamburg, spent a couple of weeks with father and then, having joined up with mother, trained to Munich, Switzerland, Milan, Rome and finally Paris, where we were joined by Renate Lukas who was coming to New York for a year. So I had company. Renate was sort of boy crazy and not a good fit for the Ursuline Academy.