Bullish about the future

One problem is that guys really like riding around on big machines. Conservation requires a lot of careful hand work. However, in Florida, the highway engineers were quite enthusiastic about building retention and detention ponds to collect storm water. All that is required to achieve set-asides of land for water projects is a reallocation of dollars.

We can do that, especially if we start with evaluating project need and usefulness, rather than dollar cost. Currency-based decision-making is really bad. At present it does look like the almighty dollar is being dethroned. Instead of toasters, banks are giviNg away dollars to get people to set up accounts. Because, if we are going to move towards a guaranteed income, the banks want to have those accounts into which Treasury deposits flow. If individuals, instead of banks, have first dibs on the distribution of currency, that will be a big change. The banks had a chance to be efficient with the CARES Act and they flunked bigly. Of $500 BILLION allocated only $42 BILLION got distributed in nine months. Banksters are apparently good at dithering and dickering but not at spending. It takes a householder to do that well.