The Mediated Existence

Shall we credit the middlemen with having accomplished that, the interposition of money between the person and what he needs to survive? If so, would it be fair to cast them out like the money changers out of the temple, or is it enough to destroy the temples (chambers of commerce) they have set up? Were the chambers of commerce invented to compensate for the fact that religious establishments had been, at least in theory, shut out of taking the reins of government?

Does the mediates existence, the interposition of currency between the individual and the necessities of life represent another example of triangulation? Why has the trinity not gained more recognition? Just think of money making past, present and future obligations current. Why do we collapse past and future into the present? So they can be ignored?

Or is it just a matter of the brain’s pride of ownership of an idea substituting perception for reality. Does the fact that there is a difference between perception and reality not register? I think Plato said the idea comes first. That is wrong. Material reality came into existence long before it was/is perceived (if one accepts that atoms are material), yet even today some people are trying to argue that the idea creates reality; that the universe would not exist, if humans did not see it. The homocentric perspective. What purpose does it serve? Solace for the incompetent?