Women are not well understood.

Because they do not explain themselves. But why would you bother to explain yourself, when you know who you are?

“Lucy, you’ve got some ‘splaining to do!”

Perhaps the most infamous and viciously debated line on the internet, this oft-quoted and memed Ricky Ricardo line is more of a paraphrase, as he never says this exactly. He said things like, “Lucy, ‘splain,” or “‘Splain that if you can,” which evolved into this misquote.

Note how the description refers to a cultural debate as “vicious” without so much as a hint that the attitude of the husband towards his wife is beneath contempt. Why would omen participate in the degradation of their gender? It was better than being ignored.

Trump stalking Clinton on stage was just recreating that cultural scenario. Nobody’s brave enough to try it with Kamala Harris. She’s no Lucy.