Business or Commerce?

The U.S. was founded by the commercial class which sustains itself by moving resources, including people, around. Think of the as similar to termites building mounds of dirt. Humans have idealized the behavior by inventing filthy lucre. Collecting and hoarding are basic instinctive behaviors that sustain primitive organisms. When cognitive functions in humans are missing or deficient, humans resort to the basics. A guaranteed basic income would eliminate a lot of strife. “No free lunch” is not a virtuous declaration.

Nobody chooses to be born. However, the survival of society depends on reproductive success. Ergo, society has a responsibility to provide the necessary care. The U.S. is lucky that a steady flow of migrants has contributed skills and talents that the business class has been too cheap and lazy to provide. Bankers, insurers, traders, promoters and pastors, I’m lookin’ at you. I cannot decide between commerce and business as the most accurate description of the parasitic middlemen. But, once they are identified as parasite, we can figure out a strategy to deal with them. After all, they need not be detrimental. We all have parasites in our gut and know thay they just have to be contained in their proper place.