Dear Mr. Austin,
Yesterday I had a hissy fit when I discovered what looked like a county truck with a grabber digging up my bamboo. It turned out that this giant machine which reached up to the oak branches was merely picking up some bamboo that had been clipped about two feet off the ground. The operator of the machine claimed not to have anything to do with what he was collecting, but it did make the point that cutting bamboo like that just makes it send sprouts out even further. So, if it is to be removed, it should be cut to the ground.

Today, when I went to finish the job, I discovered that the current butchering had obvisously been prceeded by several prior efforts to top the bamboo out and then a brush trimmer seems to have attacked about five feet up, prompting sprouting and yet another attack.
I am attaching a few pictures of the butchering. If county people are responsible for the hacking of the cedar tree, please explain to them that 15″ back they could have made a proper cut along the main branch. I have been fussing with crews hired by the power company for decades about trimming so that even more protruding vegetation grows back. They do that because repeat “service” generates more revenue. But, it is inefficient and not good for the trees.
Also note that a recent survey has established our property corner is about 15″ out in the asphalt.
Our lot is almost a quarter acre and as part of the original subdivision followed the curvature of the street.
I am very protective of our original oaks. That said, the increasing size of the vehicles purchased by public entities is a concern. I was glad to see that Republic Services sends a manned truck down Cummings lane because the loader would interfere with the trees. We do not just favor the trees because they are “pretty” but for their hydrologic and ameliorative services. The fire department meeds to be discouraged from buying bigger and bigger trucks. Ditto for JWSC and Public Works.
Finally, I would note that because Oglethorpe Park does not have curb and gutter, our streets never get swept. The picture with the dark road edge shows where I raked back the detritus off the asphalt. An eighty year old woman should not have to do that. I’ve been raking the detritus on MacLane for a quarter century because the sweeper does not go where it might pick up dirt. Never mind that the contract yard services blow dirt and leaves into the roadway all the time. (Not our yard man; he blew off the road where his mower had strewn cuttings and leaves on Cummings)
Regards, Hannah