The demise of farming

It started in the sixties when farmers were persuaded to borrow from the banks to purchase equipment to increase productivity for which there was no market. So, they could not pay off the loans and the banks took the land for suburbanization.

To fill the suburbs, they invented fear mongering. There are several ways to relocate populations. Bombing is quick. Deprivation of upkeep takes longer. The South Bronx was a perfect example of the latter. Germany is evidence that reconstruction can be quick if there is enough money. Relocating humans is just another form of husbandry. Exploitation instead of extermination. Kinder, gentler and longer lasting. A lesser evil.

‘Twas systematic. What it was not was race-based. It is natural for fleeing people to seek out relatives. People from the northeast ended up in Miami and people from Chicago ended up in Tampa. I ended up in California and New York because of relatives and friends.

Crime is warfare on the local level. It is organized for exploitation and to drive some people out. Money makes it possible to run the scam surreptitiously. The patterns are the same here on the Georgia coast. What did Greenspan call it? “Liberating homesteads for the market.” How? With the tax code.