At the end of Phil’s bobolink study

A new poerm:

Migration. A Promise Of The Love.

Riding light we come through time, playing with the band.
Singing songs to the universe as it makes love to the land.
One harmony, the now, the Thou, the flock, you’re in my reach.
Future waves to crash the shore as we run along the beach
The wait, uncertainty leaves no time, no place, and no conclusion.
So we travel on, we ride the light, not there yet, no exclusion..
The here and now leaves silence first, we cast about for love
Noah’s storm leaves a rainbow’s arc, the arrival of the dove.
A home is but a promise of the love that comes with peace.
The quiet echoes, harmonies, the music doesn’t cease
To sleep, to dream, to lie awake here home upon the nest.
After the rush it all slows down, songs floating now, the best.

Phil Specht 7-6-21 edit