Hate is not the cause

when a predator attacks.

Yes, and it is not hate that motivates exploitation. Exploitation needs no excuse. It is, to be blunt, a lesser evil because less than lethal. That was the choice presented to Africans — be killed or be enslaved. Besides, being owned is not peculiar. Under U.S. law all children are born the property of their parents until they are emancipated at age 18.

It accounts for why migrants brought here as children by persons who have been denied citizenship exist in a state resembling Limbo. The recognition that all persons, regardless of age, are citizens by birth would solve that problem, but then it would have to be admitted that children have rights.

While many African Americans would like the story of rights to be all about them, it’s not. The U.S. legal system is materialistic in that property rights trump all else. Perhaps that is because the entire history of the U.S. is one of property theft.

African cultures are encestor based because individuals are born owing their ancestors obligations. As GWB proclaimed, the U.S. is an ownership society, not an obligation-based society. Americans are owned until they are freed; they are not born into liberty.