Why are exhibitionists lacking in discretion when it comes to other people’s business, not just their own? It is as if they consider exposure to be a positive. No wonder privacy is not respected.

When someone demands to know my name, I consider that an invasion of privacy. I am prompted to think on that by an exchange between the Stanley Steemer guy and his helper. The helper was a young fellow who liked to chat and obviously had to be minutely directed. That is, he did not anticipate what needed to be done as the fellow who was operating the machinery worked his way through the house. When the final instruction was given to collect the hose, the helper objected that he had not been addressed by name. As if that was an excuse for his inattention to the task at hand.

A place where “everybody knows your name,” is not somewhere I would want to be. It’s why I have a pseudonym; not to make it easy to remember me. If I want attention I use my given name.

Learned today about ‘kra’ languages spoken by about 22,000 people in China and Vietnam. Some variants are used by as few as five people. So, the spouse opines that I am at times a lone speaker of my unique language. It is true that I do not use jargon and frequently object to it. American jargon strikes me as designed to dissemble. What, for example, does “nailed it” mean in response to a painting?

I understand the shared appreciation of artifacts as a social connector, even though I do not feel the urge to connect. Solitude is what I cherish most. It was a relief to learn that my indiscrete female parent had no more idea who I am than she had of her dog.

It used to be considered bad form to start sentences with the first person singular. I had to edit the start of the previous paragraph when I realized the construction I had used, putting the subject near the end is typical of German grammar. Perhaps that is why my language is peculiar and hard for the spouse to understand. I don’t mind not being understood.