Yesterday we went slumming in a swanky neighborhood in response to a newspaper ad for a MOVE OUT sale. The story was that the previous owners had moved out and left all their belongings behind.

After visiting the two story, five bedroom, six bath house, built in 2001, it was clear to me that the decision to leave all that stuff was correct. There was not a single thing I would want or use. Supposedly, a washer and dryer, which we could use for the Lotson house, went with the house to the new (unknown) owners.

It turned out the owners, both medical doctors (cosmeti surgery and ob/gyn), have been caring for patients for almost 20 years. On suspects that since so much of the structure is waste space (two stairways, a balcony and cathedral ceilings in the living room and family kitchen, the house felt cramped.

The bedding and linens and collection of boots, along with closets full of second hand clothes, probably should have been given to charitable enterprise. ‘Twas a tawdry show.

I am so glad I opted for the bare minimum of surgery for the skin cancer on my nose and did not give the clinic an extra penny for cosmetic treatment to make it look like new.

Who names an enterpise RENUE? Somebody who hired consultants to provide marketing advice. Which is probably also why they bought that grotesque house, which was recently on the market for $1.3 million.