Somebody’s messing with Amazon


I ordered a Zwillings kitchen knife because the handle on my old one is disintegrating. The knife was supposed to be delivered by USPS yesterday. The tracker reported the package arrived at Saint Simons early in the morning. Then it was transferred to another delivery service from USPS and was scheduled to arrive by 8:00 PM. Usually, that means Fedex has got a subcontract. There was no delivery.

The tracker says the recipient is unknown or could not be found. There will be a refund. Most of the explanations (about a dozen) have to do with a mistake by the customer, except a damaged package or missing label.

There is an option to reorder the item on the same page with a history of my other recent purchases. I tried that, but when I checked the shopping cart, both the knife and a vanity faucet I ordered and received months ago showed up and no way to remove the latter. There are no categories for reporting computer errors.

I note one of the Amazon offering for making money with them is to start a delivery business. The company has obviously gotten too large–like the dinosaurs. Needless to say, I did not place an order. Perhaps I will try with another device. Do not usually use the ipad anyway.

When does scale become uneconomic?