Homeless in the Americas

Homeless in the Americas
‘Tis an aspiration for millions
around the globe
who do not want to be told
what, when, where
and with whom
they may wander and roam.
People are not pigeons
to be trained.
Though, some are content
and, like turtles, inhabit
wheeled cages as shells.
Nomads. Mobiles.
Looking for stability
on the road.

On an other matter:
It is not possible to “teach systemic racism.” That phrase is another example of the false attribution of agency. What makes this error in logic so popular is that positing the impossible guarantees failure. That appeals to individuals who are looking for certainty. Failure is a sure thing, predictable like the prat fall in a comic routine. What is also noteworthy in this phrase (teach systemic racism–verb, adjective, noun) is the absence of a preposition, which would serve to signal a connection or relationship. This lack of connection seems to be characteristic of the speech of individuals whose processing function is weak or lacking entirely. They do not talk about change or functions because they do not perceive action. They see horse and rider, but not that the rider is directing the behavior of the horse.