Regarding AT&T

If you are having problems with moving existing AT&T email accounts to new devices, it may be because, after partnering with Yahoo, AT&T has now hooked up with Verizon. So, while you can collect mail on a web site, where they subject you to advertisements rather relentlessly, IOS (iphone and ipad) configurations are repeatedly rejected as “incorrect.” Ignore them.

And just think, by cancelling “find my phone,” I’ve relieved myself of having to endure a security rigamarole to just add an account.
How did “find my phone” get activated? Either it is the default or the salesperson did it.
“Find my phone” seems to be the hook to get people into the icloud where, when they have control to all your information, they can then exact payment.
Oh, you’ve exceeded your free storage capacity. Now, if you want your information, you will have to pay us.