TO REGULATE means to make regular. It is not a synonym for EXCLUDE, PROHIBIT, PREVENT, OUTLAW or REDUCE.
REGULAR is presumed to be good because it is predictable, not surprising. Surprises, even good ones, are often not welcome because they make people feel stupid.

While regulating commerce is presumably beneficial to everyone who engages in trade and exchange, that does not hold true when a population is deprived of the means of production and relegated to consuming the slop corporations dish out.

Ownership of the means of production has long been an issue in discussions of socialism, capitalism, democracy and private property. However, various underlying assumptions have been overlooked: such as that ownership involves or leads to stewardship, not abuse, and that there is a significant difference between a private moral natural person and an artificial quasi-private entity such as a corporation.

Yes, corporations are, at best, quasi-private. After all, they are creatures of a political subdivision, the state.