Looking back

Looked up a couple of people today to see what they are up to.

Clovis Watson, the former chief of police of little Alachua, Florida is now the Sheriff of Alachua County after being elected by default when a write-in candidate dropped out. Presumably, he bested Sadie Darnell, who had been sheriff for 16 years, in the primary. Darnell ended her career with a $400,000 judgement against her for having terminated a deputy wrongly. Marital disputes are doubtless disruptive, but not a firing cause.

Howard Dean is now reported to be lobbying on behalf of intellectual property rights as regards the distribution of COVID-19 vaccine to the rest of the world. Neither his medical training nor his dabbling in the world of finance were/are evidence of a humanistic streak. Like other medical practitioners who got into politics, his main concerns seemed mercenary. That was already evident in his response to the huge sums contributed by individual supporters, whom he did not even thank. Lots of hype; not much help.

The Pleasant Street Historic Society seems moribund. One hopes the old timers were not all felled by COVID.