The ATT kerfuffle

I do not trust the electron.
We have had our phone on the island since 1993. That is 28 years. While I was away from 2003 to 2009, tenants wanted to add email service and I agreed. They chose the address. When I returned and tried to change the address, ATT insisted that I had to cancel the service and get a new number. So, I made do with flyingfrog.

Then, a couple of years ago, the phone stopped working and ATT insisted the service needed to be upgraded so could receive TV, which we do not need. The wireless service got much more expensive. Meanwhile, in preparation for relocating to the island in 2015, the spouse acquired a cell phone also hosted by ATT. That phone, and iphone 6, stopped working in 2019 and the spouse was persuaded to purchase a new one, iphone 8. I do not like phones and do not answer when he’s home, but the spouse delights in calling to let me know what he’s up to. Younger son fixed the iphone 6, but not to work as a phone.

The other day, after I lost the android I had for emergencies and to provide a hotspot on the mainland, I decided to activate the iphone 6. Took it to the ATT store where a young fellow sold me a new simcard with a new number for $5.30 and then announced that because the phone was locked, it could not be used. The folks at the Apple store would have to unlock it. They couldn’t and told me to go online. There, after much back and forth, I got a new passcode and the phone was unlocked.

Then ATT sent a message informing me that the service had been upgraded to elite and would cost a couple hundred dollars more each month. So, it was back to the phone lines to correct the wireless service contract to a more reasonable charge for two lines on each phone when iphones only accommodate one.

On Wednesday morning calling the landline from outside returned the message that the number had been disconnected. This time the spouse dealt with customer service until he gave up and handed me his cell. He did manage to get customer service to call the landline and verify that it was working. Nobody in the landline or wireless shop had an explanation for how our phone service got terminated. The two shops are not consolidated. Apparently, all the “security” measures, which include making the account numbers on paper bills useless, do not secure reliable service.


How Much more hacking by Russians will it take before we admit that the electron is not to be relied on?

I am reminded that the nuclear weapons in Germany had to be rebuilt because it turned out the ignition system could be set off by a lightning strike during maintenance. Also, our helicopters in Afghanistan kept crashing because the magnetism of the mountains messed up their electronic controls.