Pond diary

I should have kept a diary about our backyard pond.

The snapping turtle that arrived last summer/fall and seemed to have consumed all the banana water lilly plants is still here. The plants are all growing back, although the white water lillies are somewhat anemic. And the snapper has been joined by another, smaller (lunch plate sized) critter with very distinct markings on its shell.

Of course, one year we had three species at the same time, pond sliders, a smallish snapper and a soft-shell. And then there was the mud-puppy, which looked like a big snake but had little legs.

Above the pond, the little herons are hanging around. Either that, or new nests are being built. Which would account for the bits of bamboo leaves that keep ending up on the surface of the pond. Somebody’s doing some trimming.

There is a constant coming and going in our yard. The bamboo hedge is alive with all kinds of birds and finally dense enough so I do not have to see the house next door.In the front yard the bamboo keeps marching towards the house and the squirrels are not doing a proper job of lopping it off.

Meanwhile, some cardinals are nesting in the azalea, so I cannot trim that for a while. The oleander keeps growing taller and taller under the oak and is full of blossoms. Perhaps I should take a picture.

. .