Home Again

For good. I don’t think I am going on any more long trips.

The Hotel Colonnade on Huntington, albeit difficult to get to from downtown Boston because of all the one-way streets and streets missing from maps, is convenient to the Back Bay transit hub, especially if one were walking. Otherwise, the accommodations are more expensive and less serviceable than we enjoyed at the Holiday Inn Express. That I lost my cell phone at one and forgot my charger for the laptop at the latter is not the fault of either. I blame a general sense of discombobulation aggravated by the electronic environment. Insering cards into machines while one is strapped into a vehicle that cheats right is nerve wracking.

We were glad to find the Matrix at the train station in Savannah and headed south on Highway 17, as the roadsigns directed. GADOT has apparently made an effort to reduce traffic at the intersection of I95 and I16, which is being rebuilt.

About halfway I thought the car sounded “funny” and mentioned it, but the driver’s reassurance persuaded me to conclude that perhaps the roadway was slightly distressed as a result of hard use by lumber trucks. After a brief visit to Canal Road to check on the blueberries and ponds, shifting from first into second gear became impossible. Only first and third were accessible. Since the Matrix had got a new clutch just before we left on our trip, the obvious conclusion was that it needed to go back to the shop. By the time I got in to drive it the 15 blocks, the rear gear was also in-accessible and I drove out forward between the trees. At Island Automotive I left it in the middle of the drive so staff would have to move it and/or push it where wanted. Thank goodness for the Outback.

I just hope I do not have to learn how to drive it.