On the train to New York

We had a lovely ride from Durham to Boston via Hampton Beach and Route 1 into Boston. Lunch at Quincy Market and a stroll around the government center, including the monstrous City Hall.

While getting out of the city and back in was relatively uneventful, finding the hotel on Huntington Avenue took an hour of driving in circles. Not only are many of the streets one way, their names seem to change every couple of blocks. Google maps are useless. Businesses are identified, but not the streets on which they are to be found.

Navigating Boston by car is a pain. The hotel Colonnade advertises that there is no garage. But, in fact there is a parking garage on two floors over the lobby. Parking the car is just not included in the rate for the room. It ended up costing $48 for 16 hours and then the machine would not take one of our credit cards. Cash has been discontinued. The virus is providing an excuse for promoting digitally mediated transactions. Also, demands for identification. So, the commercial sector is being used to require compliance with rules the governmental bureaucracy cannot command.

I have managed to missplace my cell phone. If I do not renew the constract, it will be unusable in a few days. Will have to see if I can set up the iphone cell as a hot spot.

On the train from New York.
We were solicited by a red cap to assist us to the train. In truth,the sleeping compartment is very small. Perhaps I will just sit up and enjoy the privacy. If we close the door, we can remove the mask.

My old iPad has been resurrected and I finally managed to connect to Amtrak wifi by resetting the network.

I was sorry I did not have any of the devices handy as we came into New York. The train now enters the city via Queens and Brooklyn and there are spectacular views of Manhattan before the train goes underground.