The joys of finding new digs

One of the effects of the pandemic seems to be seeking new habitations. While I actually started our long term (9 years) tenant to think about buying a house (not ours) before the advent of COVID-19 and she took time out to birth another son, we are now awaiting the closing of the deal and the removal of a tenant.

Meanwhile, the New Mexico crew is inspecting another one-owner house that the heirs of an estate turned over to agents, who compiled lots of data but did not bother to review it. So:

When we went to see the house today water was running hard, there was a huge puddle in the lawn, and in a corner of the crawlspace I did not see yesterday part of the irrigation distribution system was leaking into a gutter into a sump with no pump. Isn’t that telling? So after a bunch of phonecalls the seller’s agent authorized our agent to authorize Jim to turn off the water supply to the irrigation system.

By the time that was done we were out of time to check out many condition issues. But I did see the original sewer connection had somehow failed and the cracked pipe in the inspection report was a 30′ re-route from the original drain to a second standpipe in the addition.