Do you remember when the U.S. air force destroyed Vietnam’s villages in order to save them? Do you remember the carpet bombing of Iraq, the cradle of civilization, in order to bring it democracy? Both are examples of taking the intent for the fact. “It’s the thought that counts.” Except, meaning is not thinking. Meaning is a product of the amygdala, rather than the temporal lobes where cognitive actions occur.

The Republican party has attracted non-thinkers. They are people who mistake meaning for action. In addition to accommodating the lazy, this mode of existence relieves agents of responsibility for results. They can act on the spur of the moment without worrying about results.

When intent rules act, there is the permanence associated with habit. Translated to a titular designation, the result is status for life. President 45, for example, is President in the same way Coach Paterno is a permanence. That 45 never functioned as an executive is immaterial. Literally. He never functioned as a pater or patriot, either.

It is the difference between form and function. The factual person expects form to follow function. The idealist has no interest in function. While function-focused persons do have a concept of the ideal as whatever works perfectly, the idealist is content with whatever he imagined or meant. Also, the idealist exists in the present tense and has no perception of change.

Destruction is a function. Salvation is an intent. And never the twain shall meet. If something is not able to be perceived, for all intents and purposes, it is not real.

Donald Trump was relieved of his function, not his status. Since he never functioned, why bother to quibble?