Ulterior Motives

Ulterior motives are similar to and drive an agenda of indirection for the purpose of deception. But deception is not prompted by the deceived. Rather, deception is self-protective. Sort of like a turtle’s shell, which actually makes it easy for much larger predators to capture and consume it. The shell is only protective in the normal course of events.

Which leads me to question whether the ulterior motive and misdirection are actual motives or is that just what observers conclude. What if humans employ misdirection because they simply do not know where they are going or what serves them well. What if random behaviors are all we need to survive and reproduce? What if intentional behavior, an add-on courtesy of the temporal lobes, are incidental and not at all necessary to the species’ survival. What if all the sturm und drang is just a frivolous expenditure of energy?

It takes a heap of self-importance to assume that one is the cause of the behavior of everyone else.

“Misery loves company.”
Misery seeks company, throws a pity party and sings “oh, woe is me.”